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You might feel light and heavenly. Healing therapy in the form of music and artistic form of healing would offer the best results. There may be troubles related to lower abdomen and joints connecting hip. The period between May and August would offer mixed results in health. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you are in pain or discomfort. Sun enters this sign from June 22 to July 23 every year. The sun entering this sign will complete moving in first part degree and enter second part degree. This will bring in a lot of changes and impact on all beings.

It is also the house of emotions. Those who can't reflect their emotion with the right mood always stay behind other people. It might be full of positive energy. The year will be full of good fortune and your confidence will be high. Everything around you will emanate a sense of tranquility. This is definitely going to a year full of growth due to the planets Jupiter and Saturn moving in your favor bringing you great opportunities. As the year progresses there is a high chance that your wishes might be fulfilled. It is quite a complicated zodiac sign, on one side they are caring and emotional but they are also at ties materialistic and tensed.

These traits are sure to affect the outcomes in Apart from positivity, your life will also be surrounded by a peaceful environment.

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Your confidence and positive attitude will help to get through the few bumps that you hit. Cancerians are supposed to have strong instincts that have always helped them feel what is about to happen but still the future is uncertain. Take advantage of the Horoscope for It will help you to understand what the New Year might hold for you. When talking about the career of a Cancer man or woman, looks like an intense year.

All through the year you will most probably have a work schedule that is filled with work. Sometimes the load of work might prove to be too much and you might get stuck in the cross fire. At these times try to maintain a pleasant attitude towards all so that you can create a balance in the relationship with both peers as well as seniors. If you want a change like relocation or position in the company, is the best time for that to happen. Always try to look at the finer picture when it comes to your career aspect. It will be better to learn new skills and take up new tasks till the last quarter of New contacts will expand your social circle.

As the workload this year will be heavy do not get tensed about it, all you need to do is work hard and everything will come under your control. With such a heavy work load, you might get confused, at such times go ahead and take advice from colleagues and seniors. They are the ones who will give you the best advice and help you when you are facing troubles. They will also help in increasing your knowledge and improve your skill set. If you are already in a relationship then expect an increase in the passion and intensity but remember to handle disputable matters in an intelligent way using your gut feeling and instincts.

Be careful about your actions as they might hurt your partner without you realizing it. Feelings of your partner must be given importance and keep your own desires under control for some time. Some of the dreams that you have had about your love might come true provided all of them are realistic and not fictional.

It might be hard for some Cancerian to select one partner when provided with many options. You can look forward to the end of as it will bring charm and add a certain degree of boldness to your attitude thus making you more attractive to prospective partners. The relationship you are already in might turn out to be the best thing that happened to you or it might end with spite.

This can be avoided by the decisions you make. Create a transparency in your love life by maintaining good communication level so that misunderstandings can be avoided. It will be imperative that you listen to your partner if you want the relationship to last. Do not let the year turn out to be bad for your love life, turn it into one of the most passionate year. It will also be a year that favors those who are planning to have a child.

For this to happen, you will need to step into unknown territories and seek a suitable partner. Follow the hobbies that you love to find a partner with similar interests. During the first half of the year, a Cancerian might have to make unwanted spending. This might cause some problems initially but it will lead you to create a budget that will help in making savings. A good flow of finance will occur in the form of dealings of real-estate and income in the form of legacy.

During the middle of , some money will be spent on redecorating your home and on some personal accounts. Be cautious about spending too much according to the wishes of people surrounding you otherwise you might be in a lot of trouble. As you enter the second phase of the year, you will be at a much stable position with respect to finances. High-value purchases must be avoided at all costs.

It is essential that you, the Cancerian make small savings whenever possible. So ensure that at least during the first part of , good savings are made as during the middle you might run into some financial issues so the savings will be of great help. The money you spend during the middle can be easily earned back during the last part of Ensure that no debts and loans are left unpaid so do not splurge too much.

Health will be on a good level in Many opportunities will come your way to enhance your health both physical and mental. Whenever you get time, make sure that you have the time to rejuvenate and reenergize your mind and body. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and exercising. Due to the emotional turmoil of , most Cancerians might fell tensed and stressed. Make sure that your stress levels are low by being optimistic and surrounding oneself with positivity. Energy levels will sometimes be high and low at other times. Do not over work yourself; work and relaxation time must be balanced well to stay healthy.

Indulgences must be avoided as it might lead to bad effects on the long run. When the energy is high, you might feel confused as to how that energy can be spent. Exercising or following your hobbies or a particular sport you love would be the best way to spend it. Set a stable routine that balances work as well as fun.

It will not only make you organized but also lower your stress levels. Do not overdo anything as rest is needed as well. While mentioning home, major adjustment are expected in A new phase might be starting in your life with additions and deletions in the form of birth and death. The tranquility at home might be disturbed due to various obstacles. Any difference that pops up with family members must be resolved immediately but when it comes to your ideals and views maintain a firm stand while establishing them.

Expect changes in your social circle as well. Leos are as fearless as the lion that depicts them. You are extroverts and love being in the center of attraction. You thrive on romance and is always surrounded by admirers. Learn to be humble and less self centered. As parents, do not push your children too hard. In general Simha rasi people are bold and respectful in appearance. They are independent thinkers.

Horoscope 12222 by date of birth and time

They stick up to orthodox principles in religion and are not tolerant towards to others percepts and practices. The year would be a year to get things right and set goals for the future.

Gemini Health & Wellness Horoscope

All your sorrows would get over. Get your tails up and start hunting down on your targets one after the other. Your rise would be phenomenal.

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  • There could be a few misunderstandings in the family and difference of opinion with relatives. Possibilities of sudden gains are on the cards. Dark clouds on uncertainty could vanish soon. You would exhibit confidence at your workplace. Those involved in business would experience profits. Partnerships are set for a revamp this year. You might sign up new business deals. Exercise care while performing transactions with new people. Although the beginning of the year might look promising, there might be a lapse in concentration in April, which you might overcome later. Do not be harsh on yourself for not meeting your set targets.

    You might overcome obstacles and testing times with your willpower. Expected results would come true in the second part of the year. March and April are the two important months to stay cautious and act wisely. For those who are in a shadow relationship, your relationship would face light. If you have recently changed your relationship profile, there might be a lull in your bond. The strongest of attachment survives; the least one might shake a bit. Since you possess the natural capability to fight, you could offer resistance.

    Do not take any important decisions; hasty decisions may backfire later. You may have to make a few adjustments in your relationship. The placement of Rahu after March would play a roller coaster ride in your life concerning finance and money handling. You may apply or request for loans after March Investing in mutual funds, shares, and areas of sudden gains might offer fruitful and expected profits.

    There would be a good inflow of money. From May to October , you may be pushed to spend for the welfare of family and close associates, which you could not turn down. Some of you might get involved in temple renovation and related spiritual works where you would spend a considerable amount of money. The revenue spent would stand as a blessing to your family and future generations. You could get easily distracted and might experience concentration lapse. Those who are in higher secondary and those enrolled in graduation are advised to take up studies seriously to score well in their exams, which would determine their future.

    Memorizing important parts of subjects may tend to be difficult towards the end of the semester or academic year. So, study thoroughly from the commencement of the academic year or semester. Beware of pain or discomfort in thighs, groin area, and hypertension.

    MITHUN Rashi ♊ GEMINI - Predictions for November 2019 Rashifal - Monthly Horoscope -Suresh Shrimali

    Practice Yoga or get along with people whom you like to keep yourselves engaged. In a way, it could eradicate hypertension and would enable you to forget health problems. Your visit to the hospital would gradually come down, and you would be healthy. It is the sign of royalty, with royal people, rulers and politicians born under it. It might be the year in which you will be trying to let go of pampering habits. The planets Saturn and Jupiter will favor you and let you be the center of attraction through the whole year.

    Expect drastic changes in both professional and personal aspects of your life. Leo men and women will need to keep their sensitive side at bay as it might hinder your growth and progress in life. Different circumstances will keep popping up through but you have to adapt to the changes if you want the year to be good and full of success. Adapting to the changes will aid in character development as well as personality development. If you have an inherent attitude of being confident then you definitely belong to Leo Zodiac sign.

    Leo lends the traits like brave and ambitious to the person born with this Zodiac sign. Other traits of a Leo are energetic, charismatic and more. Even with such a brave attitude it is always necessary that you keep a clear vision about what the future has in store for you. Here are the predictions for Dealing with these issues will be difficult but your short term goals can be easily fulfilled.

    Hardships might come in the path of your career but plan your future career so that these hardships do not affect it adversely. Professional ethics needs to be maintained so that projects can be completed within the allotted time period. Maintaining a positive relationship with peers and seniors is imperative so if any issues pop up then ensure that you understand it completely. While the first half of might have a heavy workload, the second half might be full of optimism and a stable position cam be reached in your career.

    Expect quite a lot of twists and turns in your career during Career might not be stable for the majority of but various times you will get advancement opportunities. Seizing these opportunities is essential, it might be difficult to do so every time but try to do so. Do not be stubborn, maintain a flexible attitude. This is the only way you will be able to survive the changes that impact your career in Sometimes you will need to work for long period of time so that goals can be met with or deadlines are achieved.

    While handling such pressure do not stress out, be calm and remain optimistic at all times. Challenging times are on the charts during the retrogression phase of Mars. During this period keep your head high and strive through but do not indulge in any changes. Taking care of any major change will be difficult so refrain from those.

    Always stay confident and maintain your patience in Your love life is going to be great in Major changes are on the charts for all Leo men and women, whether they are in a relationship or single. Saturn and Jupiter will move to make you more attractive and improve your sensitive side. Hardships might come in your love life but expect benefits on the long run. The ways you usually express love need to be enhanced as it might be advantageous and bring forward many potential partners into your life. A compromising attitude needs to be developed so that your romantic relationship gets a boost.

    Another major factor that needs to be developed is good communication with your partner. This year your romantic life will be filled with passion and love. When it comes to finance, looks promising. Constraints and barriers will always be present but they will not be able to hold you back for long and all your desires will be fulfilled. Any kind of stagnant finances need to be trimmed. You also need to liquidate and encash your investments this year. On matters of finance do not take decisions in a rush. Think about the issue and then take the best solution available.

    Take decisions that will help you stay away from any financial burden that would reduce your savings. At regular intervals keep a watch on the budget so that you do not fall prey to the few hardships that might come your way. Some circumstances might pop up in which you will be asked to spend money for near ones, but stay away from these emotional financial disturbances as much as possible as it might cause harm in the long run.

    Organize your finances well so that if any debts and loans need to be taken, they can be paid off without any problem. Remember this year you must not splurge, instead you must save keeping in mind that the far future cannot be foreseen. This year your health will see both ups and downs in health. You might want to stay healthy yearlong but a number of times, various health issues are bound to pop up. Weakness of the body and mind are bound to occur. Stay calm and patient as that is the only way to regain strength of mind and body.

    You must make sure that you are following a healthy diet and work out session on a regular basis. While exercising, remember that physical exertion is not prescribed, so do take rest whenever needed. Stress and strain are on the cards around the middle of Complications might arise, so stay alert about your health.

    Make sure that you take up activities that will keep your mind and body relaxed. Rejuvenating the body and mind should be on your schedule to stay healthy. Overall health might not be too good this year but work out and eat healthy to try and maintain your health. Other things to keep in mind are reducing stress levels and not overworking. Jupiter and Saturn will favor you in Use that to protect yourself and stay away from all kinds of problems with the family. Any advice that friends and family members give you must be taken into serious consideration only then will your personal life be filled with joy and happiness.

    Elder and younger members of your family might seek your guidance in This year you will stay energetic about supporting family and friends in trouble but beware about making rushed decisions as they might have adverse effects on you future. Make sure that you stay in contact with family and friends. They will give you the support and strength to face hardships.

    Mithun Rashi December 12222 | Gemini Horoscope December | Best Astrologer | Arvind Tiwari

    Natives are generally studious by nature and take keen interest in earning knowledge. It is very difficult to please them. They set very high standards for themselves as well as the people close to them. You are fanatical about cleanliness and your home and office will be spotlessly clean and tidy. Very practical, every thing you do is orderly with no room for error. You manage money wonderfully.

    You excel at everything you attempt. Most writers have moon in Virgo. You lack self-confidence. You have faith in religion. In general Kanya rasi people are discriminating, emotional and are carried away by impulses. They will exhibit their intelligence and memory when quite young. They have taste in art and literature. The year shall be a year of responsibilities, radiance and relishing days. Out-of-the-box thinking and accurate decision-making is the need of the hour.

    This year, you would find even more reasons to rejoice with a whole lot of responsibilities and tasks to be performed. Take each day as it comes and enjoy making new plans and changes every day. This year, all you could do is to sit back and watch the game of life as it takes you to different worlds. You could witness harsh reality, which you might resist with your spiritual intelligence. The time frame from March towards the end of the year might offer you some breathing respite from the unfavorable placement of Saturn.

    You may be inclined towards spiritual and philosophical activities. You would gain confidence and interest in life to face any situation. You would preach or advice others during their harsh times. You would occupy more time or spend more time with your colleagues when compared to your friends and relatives. It would be a never-ending chore at office or professional place where others cannot substitute your presence. Some of you may think that you enjoy more powers at the office, while some of you may want some time to breathe.

    There might be inconsistency in the workplace. Anger or hasty decisions may never serve you, especially this year. Be cautious while taking important decisions. Although you might enjoy a good rapport with your colleagues, you might get hurt easily. Your love for your partner shall blossom, and positive results can give you hope.

    You would find trust in your partner. Even though you may face some troubles in the relationship initially, elders at home might get involved to offer good advice. Parents might approve of your relationship, and you could proceed with the marriage. Avoid hasty decisions, since the placement of Jupiter might provide you with favorable results later. Do not sign any new investments of high profits, neither as huge money nor as land or property.

    Just get through the year with what you possess. You may get involved in emergency deals in important situations. Obtain the assistance of a close associate to guide you through when you feel confused or puzzled. Do not sign important financial papers without the consent of your family members. Postpone such cases if possible. Practice the habit of maintaining an expenditure sheet for bi-weekly requirements or for the month, to avoid excess expenditure. The time frame after March might yield benefits as well as incur unprecedented expenses related to family and for other activities of livelihood.

    Parents are advised to motivate their children in both studies as well as extra-curricular activities, which can psychologically increase interest in studies. With a bit of motivation, you could score good marks. Care should be taken to get engaged in studies after sports or recreation. Take good care of your health and never entertain lethargy. For those who are undergoing treatments for stress-related symptoms, blood pressure, fatigue and related problems, you could gradually recover.

    If you do not suffer from any health problems, maintain your health by consuming home-cooked foods. If you are traveling and do not find home-cooked food, consume easily digestible food.

    Prefer seasonal foods and do not overeat at festive occasions and parties. Be cautious about foods that are allergic. Obtain the advice of your medical counselor or doctor if you plan frequent outstation trips. It is an excellent time to get involved in regular physical activities to stay healthy. One of the most reliable signs in the zodiac, this earthy sign is second in the series, the first being Taurus.

    Virgo is considered to be a magnet in the business class. This sign is connected with work and service. It is deemed to give benevolent results if influenced by a benefic planet. The sun enters Virgo on August 23rd and remains till September 23rd roughly. Virgo and Pisces are equal day-night signs. Sun in transit triggers Virgo qualities and significations.

    Virgos are usually blessed with easy gains, good inheritance, and interest in occult sciences. For the people of Zodiac sign Virgo is truly going to be a year filled with a lot of activities. Activities does not only mean starting and engaging in new projects but it also implies that things that have left unfinished need to be closed after completing them.

    In you need to set targets and achieve them by staying focused even if involves high costs. Taking precautions and preventive steps at regular intervals will help you to stay safe for the entire of Saturn will be transiting your star this year so your schedule will be full while some might feel depressed. Be patient at all times as life is never perfect for all. Predictions for points towards a busy year from start to end.

    By trait, Virgos are supposed to be busy people so it might seem to be much for you but it will surely have some effect on how the year progresses. People of the Zodiac sign Virgo are known to be people who love to pay attention to details; they are basically perfectionists so you must want to form an idea about the coming year. This is where the predictions for come in to help you. The horoscope for includes forecasts that will help you make plans for The people belonging to the Zodiac sign Virgo will seem to be focused about the equation that they share with colleagues and seniors at their workplace.

    Maintaining a good relationship with them is imperative as that will indirectly affect your performance in To improve the relationship, you must enhance your communications skills. You can use the good relationship to your benefit and gain more knowledge that might prove to be advantageous from the perspective of your professional life. Any goals that have been set in can be achieved successfully through teamwork. Transfer or relocation also features on the cards for Virgo men and women. In , you might also be up for promotions and salary hikes that have been long overdue.

    You might also rise up in ranks but do not forget about the ones that supported you while you rose up on the corporate ladder. Virgo men and women may be placed in positions that involve huge responsibilities. You might have to take the help of others to get your job done and that might be tick off for you as you like to be the one in control, a common trait of all Virgos. This period looks promising for Virgos who are single. It will be a time that brings for you to find great potential partners thus providing a chance to find love.

    Moments of passionate love is on the cards as well. You will get a control over your emotions thus making your romantic relationship stronger with your partner. If you are still single then there is a high chance of finding a great partner in Attraction levels will be high making it easier to find a suitable partner.

    If your relationship started somewhere in the second quarter or later on, it has a higher chance of survival in case of any adverse situations in the future. Create and maintain a balance of the romantic side with the practical and fun side of the relationship. Material gains are also there on the cards during the latter part of During the year, you feel secure in both your love life as well as domestic life.

    Existing friendships can turn into romantic relations that can also culminate into engagement and marriage. In your love life, disagreements might pop up, do not worry as it will all get sorted out with a little communication and a lot of love. Communicating with your partner will help you gain an insight into their feelings and desires thus leading to a beautiful romantic life filled with love and passion. This is the best time to plan a child if you are thinking about starting a family. Expect support and inspiration from family and friends to make more money.

    Dealings related to property will definitely help you gain great returns. These will be related to spending on children and elder members in the family. So do keep a backup plan ready. Spending on family and friends might make you feel good but do not be just emotionally think about financial matters in a practical way.

    Control your urge to splurge in parties and other indulgences as there might be hiccups in matters related to finance so savings will be difficult at times. Thus manage your funds and save for the future. If you are related to business ventures then there is a better chance of earnings and savings. Major gains are not present on the charts for Virgo men and women in but it can be called satisfactory from the point of finance. At the beginning of , expect a great phase as far as health is related. As the year progresses, take out time to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. Going on short trips and vacationing are great ways to re-energize the body and mind.

    Maintain an optimistic attitude for major part of the year that will help you to stay away from stress. Your mind will feel sharp and the body will feel energized. With this new energy you will be able to complete unfinished tasks. From the time around and after March, some health concerns may arise. Take care of yourself especially from the physical point of view. Over working and stressing must be avoided at all costs. Remember to work out but also take rest when needed.

    Along with rest maintain a healthy and balanced diet. If you have any bad habits then get rid of them immediately as they will definitely play a factor in deterioration of health. Yoga and meditation will be great methods to tackle stress. Remember to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life so that importance is given to both work and family. This balance will play an essential role in preserving domestic peace and wellness. Making compromises will be asked of the people belonging to Virgo Zodiac sign.

    Some decisions that might seem rushed and derogatory might need to be made by you. This will lead to judgements about who should be present or absent from family circle and family occasions. Always try to be in the limelight and create a great relationship with family members. Expect to get great support from family members. This will happen if you are able to source your love and express it to your family in the proper way. Try to keep a peaceful environment at home without affecting your professional life.

    If you have children then you will need to be firm with them but not for petty matters. Artistically inclined, beauty and harmony are important for you. You will have beautiful home, love art, music, theatre and dance. You are understanding and people come to you to solve their problems. You have the ability to see an argument from all angles, no wonder your sign is depicted with a judge's scale.

    You fall in love easily. You need to face reality and avoid escapism. In general Thula rasi people love excitement and have the power of intuition upon which they often rely for their own guidance. Domestic life of Libra may be crossed by frequent tensions. The year would be a year for your comeback after almost a decade full of inconsistency and mismatch. This year, you could feel fresh and obtain the divine grace for all important activities of life. You would be busier with important tasks. You would be an experienced campaigner now and know more about the nuances of life better than others.

    Some of you would be in a position to take important decisions on your own after going through all the bitter days in the past. Life has to restart at some point in time, and that would be for you. You would be well organized now to take on anything that comes your way. Be shrewd and quick to get going without any obstacles.

    The uncertainty which had been pushing you crazy all these days would vanish. You would be sure and steady at your workplace. Rewards and recognition might come your way at work. You would use the experience of the past to handle critical situations at work. Be cordial towards your superiors and colleagues at work. Your work or task in office might not be that stressful as it was in the past. You could breathe easy at your office. Periodic targets might not trouble you in the upcoming days.

    Those involved in business might reap rich profits. Confusions might wrap up exorbitantly. You could feel less secure and abnormal towards the first half of the year. Later, you might obtain support from various quarters. The best you could do this year is to stay patient for the right time and opportunity to act. You would observe things better at home and office. You would know better on what to do next. Hence, you would plan and execute things accordingly. Your intelligence might be the key entity that could help you during the times of need.

    Avoid verbal arguments with your partner as it could spoil the relationship. There could be some unexpected expenditures, hence, try to cut short on unwanted expenses. Set some important financial goals with the help of a versatile financial consultant, which could be more beneficial in the future.

    Start fresh investments, as it could help you manage future expenditures. There might be uncontrollable expenses in your family due to frequent auspicious events coming one after the other. Although it could offer mental peace and harmony, on the other hand, you would have to make money for every event. You would be successful in earning money which is required for family commitments. This year would make you study hard due to the competition from your counterparts.

    Keep hold of the people with the same attitude as it would induce you to perform better in your studies. Do not offer time to entertainment or sluggishness. Offer complete concentration towards studies for extraordinary results. You may enjoy travel. Some of you might experience blood-related problems and inconsistency in blood pressure. Practicing Yoga and not reacting to unnecessary arguments can help you overcome the same. Do not be over-ambitious while driving. Stay cautious if you have diabetes. Getting involved in physical activities can boost up your health.

    This year is good to set health goals. Especially, those interested to hit the gym; this is one such year where your consistent efforts would be rewarded. Libra is the first powerful Venus sign and an indicator of luxury and materialistic gains. Presented by the balance symbol, Libra is opposite of the Mars planet.

    It borrows significant qualities from the Aries sign and blends them with its own nature. Librans are known for their grace and elegance with a splendid nature. They are naturally good at presenting their work or ideas in refined ways. Being an airy sign, Libra signifies and confers fertile imagination, correct intuition, brilliant intellect, and pleasant nature. Past years may have been full of work that met with the needs of your friends and family but this is the year to concentrate on you. You will need to think about what ideals dictate your life and well-being. The relationships that exist in your life will have new meanings.

    The foundation on which both professional and personal relationships exist must be strengthened. Librans have some very unique traits. These traits will definitely play a crucial role in shaping the year for Librans. They are both fun loving and sociable. They might like to socialize but in reality they hate large crowds. They always want to maintain a balance between the different aspects of life. So it is natural that they would be tense about the future. The horoscope for Librans is the best way to get an idea what lays ahead so that you can maintain the balance that you love. Drastic changes in career can be expected in Important responsibilities will be given to you that you will need to fulfill.

    You will also hold important positions that will lead to positive growth in your professional life. Your high energy levels will play a crucial role in this positive growth. Apart from the professional aspect, keep your personal interests like hobbies active as well. This balance is essential otherwise you might be hitting a few bumps in This year you will find a growing urge to take your career in an upward direction so do not hold back.

    You will need to ask for the favors and pay-hikes that are due. If you need some changes in shift or locations do not hesitate to ask for them as well. In your workplace certain colleagues and seniors might try to irritate you but it is imperative that you completely ignore their silly whims. Your hard work is the only thing that needs to be paid attention to, make sure that you work hard to achieve success.

    When faced with challenges keep a positive attitude. In you will also have a lot of fun outside work but when at your workplace stay focused. If you want to get accolades from seniors then try to show that you can think about projects in a unique way. This will also make sure that seniors see you as an important part of the company and team. Frustration may creep in at times but try to stay calm and patient.

    Love will come to Librans in a new light. Planet Jupiter will play a crucial role in the development of meaningful relationship with your partner. Passion and Romance will fill the love life of Librans. Existing relationships might change for a better direction. Librans will need to start expanding the horizon of love but do not make decisions related to matters of love in haste. New developments will happen in the love life of Librans.

    Your partner will become tend to become more passionate and take control of major situations. This indicates that the Librans meaning your life is going to be full of love and romance. Some Librans may have to let go of unhappy relationships that do not have a future. Love relationships need to be developed on positivity. Your love life will definitely advance in some way. You will have more time on your hands to spend with your partner. Remember that good communication skills must be maintained so that both understand that what each needs. Take lessons from past mistakes so that you can improve your relation in the present filing it with romance and emotions.

    These can be changing points for Librans who have just broken off a relationship but want to get back. This is also a great time to think and discuss about pregnancy. Budget management will be needed if you want to maintain a stable finance and stay stable for the whole of Savings will be difficult but you will seem to be more reasonable in issues of spending. Planet Saturn will come to your help in matters of finance management. You will have to ensure that you are ready for the financial hardships that are going to come your way.

    Once you reach the end of , then you might be able to splurge a little bit. Spending related to friends and family might pop up out of nowhere and unannounced so be wary. Do not start making small-budget allocations in Investments that you have made or will make are bound to b ear fruit in the coming year. Do not worry much because by the end of , your hard work will have paid off. In , Librans will find that they are quite energized. During the first quarter of , Librans will experience no issues with health and energy levels.

    You will feel energetic for major part of the first quarter but from the second quarter your health may start to go on a decline. Do not worry about it as by this time you will have completed most of your tasks so you will be able to take some break to rest. Mental health will also need to ne re-energized and rejuvenated. By the final quarter you will be needed to sharpen your hobbies as it will help improve your spirits and moral health.

    You will seem tired at times but overall, with a little exercise and good eating habits, you will be able to stay healthy and fit. This will help to maintain good relations with friends and family. Beware of the people around you as their influence might not be good for you from the personal aspect. Keep your expressions on a low-key but ensure that people give importance to your values.

    Communication with family and friends might go on a decline this year leading to problems. Socializing will surely make the personal aspect of your life full of happiness. Make sure that listen to what your loved ones have to say to you. If you find that somebody among your near and dear ones has achieved something or done something great be sure to appreciate their achievements.

    Control your emotions and bury all past differences with members of your family. Overall the life of a Libran will be filled with happiness on the personal aspect with some periods of problems but nothing that cannot be solved. So be yourself and have fun with family and friends in Scorpions are very secretive and difficult to decipher. You are over protective of your loved ones but they find it stifling because of your possessiveness and jealousy.

    You are easily hurt and are not very forgiving to those who have hurt you. You have a tendency to harbor grudges for ever. Steer clear of addictions as you have a tendency to use them as tools of escapism. You do best in field where your natural intuitive skills can be used.

    In general Vrichaga rasi people are adventurous and love excitement. They are good conversationalists as well as orators and often rely too much on their own intelligence. The year would be a year to make up for things that you had missed out in the past couple of years. Now it is the time to regain your lost touch and get back to where you belong.

    Towards the beginning of the year, you would be more superstitious. There would be unshakable faith towards a supreme power that you believe. Later, towards the middle of the year, your family would follow in your footsteps. There would not be oppositions or objections to your thoughts at home. Those suffering from health problems would be on the road to recovery. You would be more involved in your work and capable of handling different tasks. There would be no place for enmity. Some confusions or uncertainty might exist initially for the first couple of months.

    Later, you would feel relaxed and get on with your duties. Those involved in the business are advised not to be overambitious and expect more profits. You would reap profits slowly. Towards the middle of the year, you could be happy with your overall business aspects. You might sign new deals and get to know more about people. Your relationship would be approved at home.

    At times, you would behave as if you are the best at relationships and suddenly you may become violent with a bucket of emotions pouring out.

    Gemini horoscope 2020: An Exciting Year In All Endeavors

    This year would be a happy year after the entire lull that had happened over the last few years. Exercise care while conversing with the family members of your partner. Do not express your mind out. Your silence speaks better than your words and can help maintain your dignity at important places. Compared to the financial condition of the last couple of years, this year could prove to be a favorable one especially concerning financial prospects.

    You would be interested in investing in new savings schemes. If you have unsettled loans to close off, you would obtain money from somewhere or the other way to get it settled. You would be less interested in buying luxurious things, as you would be more inclined towards maintaining your current financial position. It is essential that parents and elders at home create a studious environment at home for children to concentrate on studies.

    Parents or elders are advised to prepare a timetable and offer it to their children to make them follow it to get good marks in school and college. Without regular practice, it could be tough for you to manage in the end. You might feel a bit better when compared to the previous year. You would be on the road to recovery if you are hospitalized or a frequent visitor to the health center. Feel from the heart that all your health problems are about to vanish gradually in a few days.

    Gemini Horoscope 12222 Overview:

    Those suffering from knee problems might get a proper solution or the right treatment. Take good care of the eyes and legs. Do not get emotionally blindfolded. Be casual and things would automatically fall in place. Sun enters this sign on October 24th and leaves on November 22nd approximately. This is a mystical and secretive sign that is more sudden and forceful. They are influenced by the magnificent planet Mars which is most decisive in designing their path of success. A compassionate sign of Mars, Scorpio explains the mysteries of life swinging from light to the darkness.

    In mystic thoughts, this sign defines the entry of life-and-death. Because of this reason, longevity has strong links with this sign and its owner Mars. It will also be a year full of fun and happiness in the period. You experience so much laughter and joy in something that you have never experienced before. Levels of inner peace will be high while you feel that a sense of freedom is surrounding your life. Saturn will play a hand at your life being lead in a low-profile. Radical changes also appear on the cards for October predictions for Gemini reveals that your health will be great this month.

    Your will to exercise and keep fit will enable you to have great energy levels that will promote your health even further. Test Now!

    Gemini Horoscope - Horoscope Prediction

    As per the career horoscope , the unfavorable aspects of planets will lead to nothing much happening on the career front this month. The Gemini horoscope show that this month money will come to you easy. Your investments will bring in major profits and your employer will give you a raise at the work place. You will be able to get a promotion at the work place. Perfumes Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 The Gemini October forecast predicts that this will be an excellent month for your educational pursuits.

    This is because the Dame fortune has a lot of blessings lined up for you. The Gemini October horoscope predictions show that this month you will travel for work purposes without any gain. Those who are going abroad for further studies will have to wait until the proper time when all stars are aligned to bless you.

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